harlzen (harlzen) wrote,

Crazy times....

Well, it has been interesting. Motorola has made its inglorious exit from Perth leaving me unemployed. The biggest shame is that the talent they had here in Perth was top class. If they'd simply said "go out, get work, generate some revenue" the center could have so easily been profitable even without doing any Motorola work. But then ultimately the whole issue is a near total failure of strategy and leadership at higher levels. Thankfully given their pitiful market share in Oz I'm not in too much danger of noticing the remainder of their continued existence. Most of the people from Moto Perth went on and got better jobs, many for Australian companies, so really it hasn't been that bad a thing.

It's not a bad time to be unemployed though, gives me a chance to finally close the PHD issue one way or another. Don't ask how it's going and I promise not to go on about it.

Something else.... oh yeah, got married to a rather wonderful partner who just leaves an aching gap in my life when she's not here. The day went really well I think other than a sleepy version of me combining with the idea that a blade shave was a good part of the ritual to make a generous blood offering. Many thanks to all those who helped and added to the event, I hope you had a good time. As someone warned the whole thing passed by so fast and I know I didn't get to talk with all the people I wanted to. The only annoyance is all the fun music we had to play didn't happen. The restaurant said the sound system broke but I just reckon it was a comment on our taste in music.

I'm playing WoW again with my beloved wife and gaming together is even sweeter than I thought it might be. The best part is that no-one feels excluded by it and the activity becomes something we can share. We sorta balance as well, I like discussing the strategy of the game and playing support characters while she likes wreaking havoc on anything that may drop shinies. I'm not really interested in how this might reflect our relationship. I am once again amazed by WoWs addictive nature that it could even snare her given her previous gaming experience was almost entirely pop-cap games and be-jewelled.

Lastly, DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist "The hard Sell (Encore)". A bizarre mix crafted live on stage from obscure antique vinyl. Quite possibly not to everyones taste but I adore it. Especially after the absolutely crap last album from DJ. Shadow "The Outsider" which I had to give away for fear its aura of crappiness would infect me.

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