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harlzen [userpic]
Dante Valentine

A mind-wrenching series of books about a walking basket case and her tedious internal conflicts. There are occasional interludes of story in which a variety of people much cooler than she is "give her space" while protecting her from anything that would distract from her internal bitching and self loathing. She's meant to be the worlds greatest necromance, which from a story point of view means she's legally entitled to goth it up, but isn't actually useful. Her primary ability is annoying people with a complete lack of empathy, subtlety, self-preservation or ability to plan beyond the immediate. Having been converted into a hedaira (demon for "bit on the side") she has immense personal power which lets her brag about her golden skin and recover more quickly when she has a super-powered tantrum.


Well this sure doesn't make me want to read that.

I don't think so, I believe AK owns it... though the neko's do share this type of book. Apparently "Supernatural romance" now being a genre recognised by Borders.

I'd read the Kylie Chan books and they were pretty decent, so I thought I'd give this one a try. It's rare I can't finish a series, but this is definitely one of those cases.