harlzen (harlzen) wrote,

Babes, breasts... and much bouncing ensues.

I'm busy trying to work out if I am hypocritical. More specifically I went with a group of people to see Dead or Alive. I'd like to specifically state I didn't organise it, that would be anarch_kitty who has actually played at least one of the source games... and presumably wanted to see the mockery that would result when it was adapted for the big screen. I've never played them myself, but I knew they somehow managed to combine buxom babes, brutal combat and a nice game of volleyball. So in essence I didn't actually care about the source, I just expected a mindless movie with lots of female fight scenes. And I got exactly what I expected, it's really dumb, especially the "secret plot" to make the ultimate sunglasses of doom. However it was also sort of enjoyable because I expected it to be much worse than it actually was, I didn't really care about the material and it all moved reasonably fast without taking itself too seriously. The real question is why was it only snakes on a plane that triggered revulsion. Context? Expectations? ... or perhaps I'm more easily amused by odd looking women pretending to be martial artists than snakes biting people. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that SOAP was being hyped outside of its own value.

On the music front I've run into something fantastically good, "Lemon Jelly" are an awfully entertaining band. Clever, varied but eminently listenable songs that sink happily into your subconscious. Although I must admit a slight preference for their first two albums over their more recent work.

I've also run into something pretty dire. I liked DJ Shadow's music a lot. Notice the tense, his latest CD "The Outsider" is quite a change. The music is much much cruder, and most of the tracks are dominated by rappers droning on and on about whatever the hell it is that keeps rappers entertained. I guess if you wanted a rap album you might be happy, but musically it's an empty wasteland. Blah, I hate being disappointed by an artist I thought I could trust.

Happy birthday j3ffu, thanks for the invite =)
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